MST soft drive system for conveyor
Construction machinery transmission system
Crane transmission system
High precision transmissin system
   Heavy planetary gearbox for mining lifting to Australia 2017.10.17
   Export Heavy Gearbox to Metallurgy Company in Mexico 2016.10.26
   Handevo accept service contact for Power transmission system of the Crane in African Port 2016.08.15
   Handevo export hoist to India Client 2016.08.11
   Portal crane export to Indonesia Jakarta port 2016.08.11
   Handevo transmission workers show best wishes for all client 2015.12.29
   Handevo do 2000KN winch for crane 2015.12.08
   Handevo do the power transmission system for Panama Crane 2015.12.02
   New Product Head driver for pile machine 2015.11.27
   Handevo Compact structure for crane and winch and conveyor 2015.11.26
   Handevo Transmission system success do new winch for Singapore shipyard 2015.11.25
   Business succeed with Indonesia client big coupling 2015.11.24
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